Mobile Draft System

The Mobile Draft System (MDS) is a total paint overspray and fume capture apparatus for the mobile auto body technician. We have all heard the complaints about the fumes produced by paint overspray. Not only does the MDS solve all overspray problems, but it also features several safety units to make your experiences painting automobiles both safe and successful. Each MDS is equipped with a state of the art fire suppression unit and automatic cut off switch to ensure maximum safety and protection for indoor and outdoor use. All fans and electric circuitry on the spray capture apparatus are explosion proof. The MDS can be used in a variety of different ways. As seen below, it fits under bumpers and rocker panels, making it easy and convenient to use when repairing allow wheels. In addition, one of the outriggers on the machine is detachable. This outrigger can be hooked up directly to the filter on the MDS when it is needed for smaller jobs such as painting side view mirrors or dyeing the interior of a car.
MDS Offer

Introductory offer: $4,499 + Tax (if applies) & Shipping and Handling
Please allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery
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Personal Auto Purchaser

Detailing Technologies, Inc. offers a personal car buying service through  its company DT Auto Sales.  This is a unique way to purchase your dream vehicle.  You detail the parameters: the make, model, year, and the bells and whistles you want in your vehicle.  We will search for your vehicle at the Manheim Auto Auction, the world’s largest auto auction.  We bid on the vehicle, have it inspected after the sale by the auction, and bring it to a reputable local mechanic to have it state inspected along with standard maintenance. You pay wholesale auction price plus our buyer fee, which includes a complete auto detail. You are kept in the loop throughout the entire process. As of the close of 2016, we have purchased 100 cars, trucks, and vans for individuals and companies saving our customers valuable time and finances.